Seventh-Day Adventist Church

ASI (Layperson's Business Ministry)

ASI (Layperson's Business Ministry)


ASI is an international organization of Seventh-day Adventist lay men and women who provide volunteer support for Church programs from their businesses, professional offices, and/or outreach ministries under the motto "Sharing Christ in the Marketplace."

Many Adventist business people in the Pacific Union Conference are members of the Pacific Union Chapter of Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries (ASI).

Pacific Union Chapter ASI Officers:

President - Dr. Lorayne Barton
Secretary - Ed Fargusson
Pacific Union Conference Executive Secretary - Ricardo Graham
VP for Finance - Alberto Bagingito
VP for Evangelism - Steve Rinker
VP for Recruitment - Dr. Leo Herber
VP for Communication - Pat Arrabito
VP for Programming - Russ Lorenz/Associate, Gail Reitz
Membership Information: Leo Herber, E-Mail:

Pacific Union Chapter Website

North American Division ASI Website

ASI International Convention